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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return an item?

I am happy to exchange an item or repair it if returned within 14 business days from when you actually receive it. We’re sorry that we cannot offer a refund.

Please email Janet, and she will process your request for an exchange or repair.

How is an item repaired?

You should email photos and your receipt number to Janet

She will assess the damage and let you know the best way to make it brand-new. If the damage is all the fault of manufacturing, Janet will fix it or send it to her favorite repair people in New York.

If the damage happened as a result of an extraordinary amount of wearer fun, Janet would love to see the photos of the damaged piece and any photos you have from the incident itself! She can let you know the best way to fix it.

What days do you process orders?

Thanks for asking! Janet Mavec is processing orders and answering phones and emails Monday thru Thursday from 10 a.m. til 5 p.m. EST.

Do you ship internationally?

We do. Please email Janet at for the rate to ship to your country

Is it here yet? Is it here? When will my package arrive?

We’re excited for you! (Send us a photo of you wearing it.) We promise to make this as fast as we can.

Janet process orders Monday through Thursday, 10am – 6pm EST within 48 hours of ordering. If you order on a Thursday, we won’t process till the following Monday or Tuesday.

We will let you know when the package has shipped with an email.

Which shipping service do you use?

The good old workhorse, USPS Priority Mail.

Are packages insured?


Do you gift wrap?

Not at this time. We like our signature linen bags, which are hand stamped with the Janet Mavec logo.

How do I get in touch via phone?

It’s as easy as pressing 917-374-6090.

What is the jewelry made of and where?

The jewelry is made of 100% brass, and then finished with a plating of either 18kt gold, rose gold or sterling silver. Please note that in the plating process there is use of nickel. If you have an allergy to nickel, some people find irritating to their skin.

Proudly Made in USA! It is all made outside Providence, Rhode Island.

Do you provide a jewelry box?

All jewelry comes in a signature pouch.