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26 February 2018

Where to Find the Best Bouquet of Flowers

It's near the end of February. Do you feel that? That delicate wind in the air? It's flowers collectively breathing a sigh of relief now that one of the busiest bouquet months of the year is behind them. They can relax their little petals. No more plucking, assessing, trimming, and fluffing to arrange them into bundles that bring smiles and fresh air to humans ... at least until Easter, then Mother's Day, then ... 

I know I won't be giving them much of a break. I don't wait to be gifted arranged flowers. Instead, I buy them regularly for myself, because I believe a bouquet around the house lifts the spirits like no one's business.  

To find an arrangement with personality and verve and wildness, I consult my Book of Bouquets. I've pulled some of my favorites to share with you. The list below should be your go-to source of where to find aesthetically arranged flower bouquets year-round. (True story, women like flowers on more than one occasion.)

Best Flower Bouquet List

Floret Flowers has been raising awareness for flower farmers and heirloom varieties since 2008. She now has an online seed store. There's also a tool that maps flower farms, so you can find locally grown flowers in your area.  

Saipua arranges artful displays in glass vessels. 

List of Best Flower Bouquets 

Urban Stems out of Washington, D.C., has teamed up with Vogue editors to create some breathtaking flower bouquets with delivery in neighborhoods throughout D.C. and NYC.

The artistry of Emily Thompson Flowers are gorgeously leggy and wild, available only in Manhattan. 

Northern California-based floral designer Susan Kelly is the woman behind the whimsical arrangements of her bouquet shop Marion Moss

Farmgirl Flowers started out as San Francisco heroes (the shop was a savior for bouquets that would impress) and they delivered by bike. Now they deliver nationwide (not by bike). 

Best Bouquet Shops


A couple of my favorite florists only sell to their local markets (naturally) or don't do retail. But some do deliver nationwide through B Brooks Fine Flowers. One such florist is North Carolina-based In Bloom LTD.

Another source that links you with farmers worldwide who use sustainable, eco-friendly practices is Bouqs. They also promise to cut-to-order, so that stems aren't wasted needlessly (and they have flower subscriptions!)

Green and Gorgeous is the call to make for all your Brit friends. It's based in the Cotswolds. 


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