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8 August 2022

The Peace Dove is Back

The Peace dove was my very first piece of jewelry I designed.  The inspiration came to me as I was looking at our bird feeder with the doves every morning that week.  It was right after 9/11 had happened and we were at Bird Haven Farm for the week.  My husband's office was at the World Trade Center in South Tower.  The planes hit the north tower first so most of his compatriots got out- some did not. He was late because he had walked my ancient dog Jewels, who took too long, thank God.  That week we heard who had made and who had not.  It as a  very long week, and in the ensuing month he went to many funeral services. 
The dove means so many things to different people.  Now in the time of needless war it is a time to wear it always.  Some people wear it as a breast cancer totem . 
The image of doves can be seen throughout history- my eye remembers the images from ancient mosaics and objects.  Here are a few I have looked at over the years. 


Peace Doves at Bird Haven Farm