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6 March 2023

Pisces Alert: Your Astrological Guide to Jewelry

Pisces alert. Their birthday season is upon us, and you probably know one. They're social.

They are also allegedly the most developed sign of the Zodiac. I say this not as a Pisces but as a friend of one. She insists this is true because Pisces are the last sign of the Zodiac and are, therefore, more evolved. I thought it worth mentioning that one of the water sign’s weaknesses is a desire to escape reality.

Jewelry for Pisces

But seriously, I love a Pisces. Which is one small reason why I have so many fish in my collection. The other is that my husband loves to fish. He is not a Pisces. Can the sign of the fish seriously fish?

I take it on good authority that Pisces do very much like the 5 Swimming Fish Necklace

 Jewelry for Pisces

But what for the rest of us on the Astrological wheel of life? What jewelry works for the others? Here’s my guide.


This consummate gardener and cook is the right mix of practical and romantic; She'll wear the shapely beauty of a Bluebells bracelet with panache. 


Feast on this, Ms. Gem: the wonderful world and the engaging people in it, ready to be explored and chatted up by you. The Green Bean necklace  is intriguing as well as one good conversation starter


An ever tender-loving loyalist guided by emotions and imagination who imagines the Oyster ring gives the wearer special powers. 

Jewelry for Cancers Jewelry for Cancers


You big passionate inhaler of life, you, with that infectious laughter that is staple at parties. The tea-saucer-sized Lotus earrings make a statement as big as Leo. 


Envy not the orderliness of this benevolent schedule-keeper. Just ask for her help assembling your life. She’ll do so kindly, and she'll be lured by the practicality of the Seed Saver collection. One seed and so many results! 

Jewelry for Virgos Jewelry for Virgos


Socialite and smoother over, you always seem to know right from wrong and ably convince others of the same. A necklace that bestows the wearer with wisdom is a touch philosophical and a whole lotta gorgeous. 

Wisdom unleashed, the Sage necklace is a touch philosophical and a whole lotta gorgeous.


Is there a more fiercely passionate sign who reads a room in a glance and keeps state secrets like a pro? Not even. The Millefleur Earrings  is her speed and style, entrancingly charming. 


Fired up, energized, Sadge sets out nightly to crack the meaning of life and make people laugh all the while. Her hidden desire? Wings, with which she can fly into a different exotic port nightly. The Cicada Wing necklace is a symbol that you understand. 


Ah, yes, the no-nonsense Cappie, a pillar to all, who was born in the depths of winter. She's going to appreciate a plant with a winter character similar to her own (committed with unwavering discipline), such as the Bowman Root. 


Earth to Aquarius, there you go thinking deep thoughts during a mini-break from supporting humanitarian causes and hanging with friends. Peace Dove earrings equals all this sign stands for peace, love, and equality.

Now that I’ve written this, can you guess my sign?

Gemini Jewelry