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17 September 2023

Oysters on the Farm

Bird Haven Farm isn’t exactly on the ocean. So how can I have oysters in my collection if I'm only making things that grow, fly, or swim on the farm?

Well, I cheated a tiny bit. We just love Oysters!!.. and we get them from our wonderful local fish market, Metropolitan Seafood. 

I didn’t even realize I liked oysters until I met my husband, but now we have them almost every weekend. Wayne has this that special twist in his wrist that lets him open them in an instant. Having a good oyster knife helps. He likes the Edisto Oyster Knife best.

Fisher’s Island oysters are my favorite since they are small and briny (I don't like the fat ones--too bland). But I never thought of designing an oyster line until I saw my old friend Sarah Malinowski and her husband, Steve, who started Fishers Island Oyster Farm in 1981. I reconnected with her recently when I went to see their operation on Fishers Island in New York. Their commitment to sustainability inspired me, but what inspired me the most was the seductive shape of their oyster. I cast the shells directly — just call it ocean to neck jewelry.