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1 March 2016

What to Wear While Weeding

Garden fashion. Now, those two words don’t really belong together. Gardeners have no style. Right? Or wrong? I’d like to believe it’s absolutely false, though sometimes it can be hard to channel Lauren Bacall and do some good weeding. Nevertheless, if you do a little digging in clothing stores, a chic farm style can be unearthed.

Not to bring it back to Janet Mavec, but the collection was created in order to give people jewels to wear anywhere anytime. It is based on the belief that jewelry isn’t just for special occasions. On that note, I assembled a few pieces I really like … are all eyes on that leather apron?

Garden Fashion: What To Buy Where

Top row from left: The pail has gone soft, as soft as, say, canvas and jute. It’s waterproof with six pockets for hoes and lipstick (Carrier Company, gardener’s pail, £34.00); yes, the leather belt apron feels slightly naughty, but in a good supple way (Christophe Pourny, TEC Belt apron, $149); the neckline of the cotton Josephine shirt is Hollywood classy, we can’t deny it (Moloh, Josephine shirt, £225.00).

Middle row from left: Ilse Jacobsen waterproof boots that are, like, bad-ass awesome. These are mid-calf, but they also come even taller (Nordstrom, Hornbæk rubber boots, $189.95); the straw chosen for this handwoven hat (toquilla) is some of the finest and lightest weight, so you can shake, shake, shake your head around (Sensi Studio, Dumont frayed toquilla straw sunhat, $160). Ting-a-ling-a-ling go the five solid bluebells made by a New Yorker of impeccable taste and oodles of knowledge in jewelry making (Janet Mavec, Five Chiming Bells bracelet, $425).

Bottom row from left: Connect with everything that flies with the intricate bird necklace (Janet Mavec, Peace Dove 28-inches, $155); you’ll be spotted no matter where you wander off with this pocketed below-the-knee (Carrier Company, Mum skirt , £92.00).

In case you haven’t heard, the daisy is the fashion-statement flower of 2016, so we threw a few in. We also couldn’t find any wonderful way to work in these awesome tartan gloves that are made for weeding. (That bluebell bracelet with tartan gloves? The world stops. #1)