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23 April 2018

Favorite Planetarian: Q&A with filmmaker Ann Lupo


You may not know the name Ann Lupo ... yet. But I predict you will soon. Ann is about to release her first feature film In Reality in New York in March. While I may be biased because I’ve known Ann for a while and know what she created at NYU, I am not mistaken. She's talented, and she's been a model for Janet Mavec's shoots. Aren’t those omens of success? Her 60-minute film, which explores unrequited love, "oscillates between documentary and stylized narrative that feels like Manhattan meets Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge,” as she explains.

When I talked to Ann, though, I wanted to hear how the urban woman interacts with nature.  

Ann Lupo

How would you describe your relationship with nature in 6 words or less? 

I’m currently starved for nature.

What was the last tree you hugged?

It was probably a big ole oak tree. It hugged me back.

Do you have a plant that you treat like a member of the family?

We have plant in our kitchen named Hornus Grunkle because his branches grow in strange and gnarly ways. He has quite the personality. (Photo below)

Ann Lupo with bluebell earrings

What did you learn from your biggest gardening disaster?

I accidentally murdered two beautiful leafy house plants this past year by potting them in a container that didn’t have drainage. I couldn’t figure out what was happening until I realized that the roots were rotting. I learned that if it looks like the plant is dying there’s probably something you should/can do to save it!

What are plants special powers?

I like to think plants have a healing power as well as existential lessons to impart. They show us that life and creation comes in cycles and seasons and requires constant care and attention. Sometimes new seeds need to be planted. Sometimes dead leaves need to be cleared away for new flowers to bloom.

Prescribe nature for our readers. What's your Nature Rx?

If you are someone who lives in a city it can be hard to find nature that really feels immersive and healing in which case I like to prescribe a trip to the local Botanic Gardens, my favorite is Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

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Ann Lupo with bluebell earrings