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21 February 2023

Beautiful Handcrafted Jewelry for your loved ones

Handcrafted jewelry

Handmade jewelry has been a wardrobe "treasure" for decades. You should own at least one item of handmade jewelry, whether it's the only type of jewelry you buy or maybe something you scooped up on vacation.

What is it about anything handmade that captures our attention? According to our view, an artisan's special connection and passion for their profession to transform everyday items into jewelry masterpieces. Even yet, most individuals are unaware of the genuine worth of handcrafted jewelry in comparison to mass-produced alternatives. There are several reasons why handcrafted jewelry is a better investment than mass-produced items. Handmade jewelry is charming, attractive, and, most importantly, original.

If you've ever puzzled about the distinctions between handcrafted jewelry and mass-produced jewelry, you're not alone. Purchasing  handcrafted jewelry often lightens your pocket more than purchasing machine-made jewelry. As a result, it might be tempting to simply go with the cheapest choice. Those less expensive solutions may be more suitable for you, depending on the occasion and other variables. However, most individuals are unaware of the numerous reasons to purchase handcrafted jewelry. Let us look at some of the reasons why handcrafted jewelry is so popular and advantageous.


Top reasons to buy handcrafted jewelry


handcrafted jewelry

1. They are of superior quality than machine-made jewelry

Handmade jewelry is distinguished by the fact that each piece is carefully produced by competent artists. Be it handcrafted necklaces, silver jewelry, brooches, bracelets, or rings in silver, plated gold, artisans take the time to make jewelry that is unique in design and structure.  In other words, handcrafted jewelry has a distinctness that machine-made jewelry does not. And because it is handcrafted, it is of higher quality than machine-made items.


2. These jewelry pieces are sustainable and eco-friendly

Handmade Jewelry

The manufacture of bulk products has a number of detrimental consequences on our natural environment and resources. Handmade jewelry is not mass-produced, and the techniques used to create it require significantly less energy and other materials than mass-produced jewelry; this is far more beneficial for our planet and what we leave to coming generations. Handmade jewelry produced on a smaller scale is always of greater quality, and most jewelers take great delight in their labor and workmanship, ensuring that each item is flawless.


3. Handcrafted jewelry always stands out from the crowd

handmade jewelry

In our present day, there are fewer handcrafted pieces of jewelry and more machine-made pieces of jewelry, which not only makes everyone seem alike but also decreases the individual's originality.
If you're seeking jewelry that is both personal and meaningful, look no further. Handcrafted jewelry is created by a skilled jewelry designer and manufacturer who is frequently influenced by their environment or other areas of their life. This contributes to the significance of the work for both the owner/wearer and the creator. When someone handcrafts a masterpiece, he must be full of imagination and ideas in order to make it a reality. We are all creative to some extent, but handmade jewelry artisans are the epitome of creativity.


4. They help you preserve traditions

Handmade jewelry

Traditions are a great gift from our ancestors, and we are in charge of making sure that they continue to be with us for years to come with some alterations as change becomes the new normal. For many decades, jewelry has been an emblem of dignity and status,  but things have changed a bit as women now dress up for themselves rather than showcasing off their status and prestige, so why not give them an item that would appreciate their elegance? This is what handmade jewelry is all about! These are symbols of love and nurturing that artists pour into their products in order to preserve age-old traditions.


5. They have unique, rare designs which are hard to replicate

Jewelry Made by hand

Because handcrafted jewelry is manufactured by artisans rather than machine makers, each piece is produced in limited quantities. As a result, you are unlikely to see someone wearing the same handcrafted item you are. Each item of handcrafted jewelry, whether drop earrings, necklaces, beaded jewelry, or gemstone jewelry, is original. Craftspeople are not constrained by machine designs or popular things. They utilize their imagination to come up with unique handcrafted jewelry concepts and designs.


6. You get much better customer service

Handmade jewelers often give exceptional customer service. They aren't only interested in making a one-time sale. They are concerned with developing long-term relationships and care for their artwork throughout its life. Handmade jewelers deal with a significantly smaller customer base. As a result, they aim to ensure that their current consumers are satisfied


Tips to take care of your handcrafted jewelry

handcrafted jewelry

Basic Care tips for handmade jewelry

It is not advised that you sleep, wash, or participate in any intense activity while wearing your jewelry. After you have dressed and applied all body/hair creams, you should put on your jewelry (this includes products such as: hairspray, perfume, lotions, body spray, etc.). Direct contact with any beauty product might dull and damage your jewelry. It is also advised to remove jewelry before performing household chores. Many ordinary home cleansers include chemicals that are hazardous to jewelry.
It is essential to clean your jewelry with a gentle cloth after each wearing before keeping it in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. Experts recommend storing each item in its own sealed bag or airtight box to minimize natural oxidation of metals such as copper, bronze, silver, and gold. Regular cleaning and storing will aid in the removal of oils/debris taken up by your jewelry during the day, as well as the prevention of tarnish and scratching. Never use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners on handmade jewelry, and never use industrial liquid jewelry cleaners or any silver or rhodium dip on your jewelry. This will destroy your jewelry in a variety of ways. Many styles contain tiny, fragile decorations that might be damaged during cleaning or if handled harshly. Please treat your handcrafted items with care to preserve their longevity!

The single most essential action you can take to protect the beauty and lifespan of your  handcrafted jewelry is to clean it with a soft cloth after each use before storing it. Some jewelry cloths have two sides, one for cleansing and the other for polishing. For any sterling silver parts in your handcrafted jewelry, use the polishing side. Initially, the safest way to clean most handcrafted jewelry, and Swarovski Crystals jewelry was to use a soft, lint-free jewelry towel.
If you need to clean your handcrafted jewelry more thoroughly, use slightly soapy warm water, rinse with cool water, then pat dry with a soft towel or a cotton bud to get into all the crevices and crannies to give it that brilliant sheen.

Final Thoughts

The next time you contemplate buying handmade jewelry, keep in mind that, while it may be a bit more expensive than a mass-produced design, you are promoting something larger than yourself. You should be pleased with your purchase since you will have a unique item of the artist's work in your jewelry collection for the rest of your life.

jewelry handcrafted

Janet Mavec has a dream of taking handmade products to a level where not only people can enjoy the awesomeness of handmade jewelry, but local artisans and craftsmen can also receive financial support and continue to grow and produce outstanding products, as they have a wide range of handmade valuables available for you!